The Progress List

For the ones who are fed up with the Student Parliament’s chit chat: We are shutting it down!

The Progress List is the alternative at the University of Oslo. We are taking the fights the other lists are too afraid to take, in fear of being disliked. The only thing The Progress List fears, is fear itself.

Shut down The Student Parliament!

The Student Parliament is useless and is processing political cases no one cares about. In addition, the management of students is paid NOK 1,5 million each year, while normal students are poor as church mice. The Student Parliament is totally unnecessary and therefore needs to be shut down. Instead, we want each faculty to appoint their own student representative. Engaged punks can pay for their own pizza.

Shut down unprofitable studies!

Far too many graduates from studies the labour market doesn’t need. We want a selection of experts to decide which studies who need more students, and which studies who needs less. Interdisciplinary gender studies is an example of a study that needs to be shut down. If you want to study a unprofitable study you can do so, but you have to pay for it yourself.

Shut down the SiO monopoly!

Leftist punks with a phobia towards private establishments should not decide what kind of offer you should have at campus. We are tired of overpriced coffee and miserable sandwiches. SiOs monopoly needs to be shut down, so the students can decide what kind of food they want. All by them self.